The below projects are just a selection of the many different displays, boxes, packs and bags that I have been asked to create a design for. Any other packaging seen on this site (as in the licensed stationery section, for example) has been designed by me as well.


Crayola Notepad Displays for Walmart

The packaging for this project was given very specific requirements from a particular buyer. The display needed to be 15 inches deep, 24 inches wide and then it needed to hold a particular number of each SKU.

Because the quantity of SKU’s were too small to fill up a 15 inch deep display, we decided that incorporating a false back into the design was necessary to properly hold the product.

The artwork of the display was required to appear with the precise teal Pantone shown and with very specific type specifications per Walmart’s style guide.

A preliminary, representative 3D render was required for the approval process, which can be seen on the second slide.

Puzzle Balls

The design of these were based on a design the owner of the company found. However, he still wanted graphics placed on them. This was a challenge for a couple reasons. First of all, the ball pieces couldn’t have graphics on them as the factory would have a nearly impossible task of assembling them in the perfect order. The second issue presented was that the balls are a sphere which is a challenge all on it’s on.

Therefore we decided to go with a shrink wrap that would form to the center of the sphere. This would allow us to easily update the graphics as new versions were introduced and also help secure the puzzle balls from falling apart during the shipping process.

I also needed to create instructive graphics for patent and 3D printing purposes.


Retail Floor Standing Display

Many products that I’ve worked on were meant to be purchased in a retail setting. For this particular product, the sales team wanted a display that could dispense the puzzle balls at the bottom of the display.

The display itself has a base that it rests on that it can be removed from and hung as an end cap display.

The windows are acetate which allow the kids to see what color of puzzle balls are available to choose from. The top of the display is covered, but can be opened to refill with more product.

Counter Display with Tray Dispenser

This display holds a dozen puzzle balls and is shipped to the store closed. The retailer can then open the front tray and kids can then choose which color ball they’d like to buy.


Cylinder Packs

Sets of 3 were requested from our e-commerce sales team. They also wanted the product to be packaged in a way that took up minimal space, for storage and shipping purposes.

Therefore a cylinder design was implemented. Once the customer buys the set, they simply need to pop off the top of the cylinder and start enjoying their product.

Sealed Packaging

For particular products and for particular retailers, the price point was the ultimate factor in the sales team deciding whether or not to continue with the project.

We began designing sealed packs of the products to meet the low cost demand. However, as a designer, I was still driven to create a visually striking product. We chose to include a window in the front of the packaging to allow the consumer to see the actual product that they would be getting.

5-Pack Counter Display

For most of our stationery products we would have a counter display that would hold multiple sets of the writing instruments.

This example shows the Spider-Man 5-pack of graphite pencils. The two separate pieces from the main section are for reinforcing the packs and allows the product to continue stand upright after a few packs have been removed. I also did the dieline for the 5-pack sets of pencils themselves.