Working on logos is one of my favorite aspects of being a graphic designer. The challenge of crafting a unique, memorable and fun logo is something I find very satisfying. Below is a selection of the logos I’ve made. Some are for the brands at my job, some are for freelance and some were just fun design challenges and concepts.



Daily Logo Challenge

There was a daily design challenge I decided to take participate in that prompted me to design for concepts I may not otherwise encounter. Below is a selection of work that came out of that process. It was fun and exciting to wake up with a new prompt in my e-mail each morning and have a logo vectorized and ready by the end of the day.


Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the logo challenge.

Today's logo prompt is to design a:
Rocketship Logo

If you need a company name for your design you can use one of these space names:
Aerolite, Axis, Comet, Quasar

I am excited to see your designs! Have fun 



Day 2

Today's challenge is one of my favorite prompts. 

Logo Prompt: 
Hot Air Balloon
Name Ideas:
Lift, Crown (the very top part of the balloon), Whoosh

Design a logo featuring a hot air balloon. This should be a fun and whimsical project. Let me know your thoughts! Share online using the hashtag #dailylogochallenge and check out what others have been designing.



Day 3

Wouldn't it be cool to hop in your car and sleep on the way to work? With driverless cars, this may no longer be science fiction.
Today's Logo Prompt:
Driverless Car Logo
Name Ideas:
Autonome, Vrooom, Onward,  
The future is here and autonomous cars are the next big thing. Design a driverless car logo. You can take a traditional car logo direction or focus on a sleek startup design.


Day 4

I've always had a dream to run a ski area since I was a child (no joke). So today is a very fun logo challenge for me.

Logo Prompt:
Ski mountain logo,

Name Ideas:
Brass Peak, Mount Blanco, Traverse, Snowdrop  

Mount Blanco.gif

Day 5

You're on fire! Keep up the great work! 

Here is today's challenge: Flame Logo
Name Ideas: Sizzle, Liight (or Light), Flint & Flame

Thanks for hanging around through all the bad jokes and puns. This logo can be for a restaurant, grill company, or firewood company.

Turn up the heat and let's design!

Day 6

Let's cut right to the chase.

Logo Prompt: Barbershop
Name Ideas: Cleaned Up, Ross & Circle, Bob The Barber (Or come up with your own name!)

When you're going for a new look, what better place to start than a barbershop? Consider a barbershop you go to, or may have seen advertised and consider their logo; how would you make your own?

"I make hair contact before I make eye contact."  (worst joke ever?)

A Cut Above@3x-8.png


Day 7

Today we will be working on a logo featuring one of the world's most beloved animals. The panda bear. 
Logo Prompt:
Panda Logo

Nonprofit Name Ideas:
Panda Global, Bamboo, Endangered Panda Conservation 

Day 8

Can you hear that? It's the sound of the next prompt.

Logo Prompt:
Streaming Music Startup

Name Ideas:
Beat, Pitch, Bass

This is a great challenge as there are so many ways to go. Make sure to position yourself to be different than the big three players in the industry (Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud).

Remember their colors are green, blue & red, and orange respectively. Try to choose a color that makes your logo stand out!