CHILDREN’S Character Designs

Here’s different sets of character illustrations that were made for either stationery, plush products. All were made with the goal of being simple, yet expressive and cute.


Under the sea

These characters were made for a stationery activity kit as well as a set of plush characters.

 Cutie Fruities

These were made for a few different set of note pads and sketch pads.

Creature Cuties

These is one of my favorite set of characters! This set of mythical creatures was made for a scratch activity kit that featured pages that allowed kids to color, solve puzzles, stencil and more. There was also a sticker page.


These little Unicorns were for a set of plush characters. Two even had little wings to fly with!

Boo! Buddies

I really love the cute, simplistic style of these spooky characters.


These were made while working with Crayola on some scented products. We actually ended up going a different direction and not using these, but I still love the Kawaii styling of the characters. I decided to brand them with the portmanteau of “Kawaii” and “Crayons”