Here is a selection of digital illustrations I’ve made over the years. Illustrative work is by far my favorite part of design. None of these pieces are officially licensed; just art that I've enjoyed creating for the sake of creating. Some start out as actual pencil sketches, but lately I've going directly into Photoshop and keeping my workflow entirely within that workspace. Many of the older pieces were done within Illustrator.


GUARDIANS of the galaxy SERIES

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Lylla the Otter

Rocket Raccoon’s love interest. She’s an otter with attitude. I attempted to create a style that blends the elements of the cinematic universe with that of the look from the source material.


Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider

One of my favorite characters from the comics, Spider-Gwen is commonly portrayed using bright neon splashes of color. Often her eyes are drawn with gradients rather than the hard edged lenses that the Peter Parker Spider-Man is seen with. I decided to interpret of this may translate on screen for the Marvel Studios films. I thought about how she may benefit from Stark tech and decided to try and incorporate some of that neon from the source material as lights within the suit. Playing off the idea of the eyes having a gradient, I thought it’d be cool if her lenses had an lights that lit up and helped give her night vision. I looked to a lot of athletic gym clothes for inspiration as well. She’s a drummer in the comics so there’s a nod to that with the drum sticks in her hands.


Selected works

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My process isn’t always the same, but here’s a sample of one approach I’ll take sometimes when painting digitally in Photoshop.

Step 1 | Basic Outlines

Step 2 | Flat Colors

Step 3 | Shading and Texturing


Initial Sketches


Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones

[Last] Spider-Gwen